How Maxwell Finn Is Using Facebook Messenger Ads For E-Commerce: The Chatbot Channel EP 3

Arri Bagah

One of the best ways to scale your Messenger marketing is by utilizing Facebook Messenger ads.

That is why we've invited my good friend Maxwell Finn on the show to show us his secret sauce for leveraging Messenger ads for e-commerce businesses.

Max has built an e-commerce site with a $200,000 run rate in less than 6 months.

He has also launched an e-commerce startup called Startup Drugz that generated $10,000 in monthly revenue within 5 months of launch.

Most recently, Max founded Unicorn Innovations, a platform where marketers and founders can learn key marketing skills such as SEO, Facebook Ads and many more from himself and other marketing experts.

During this show, we'll learn why Max got into Messenger marketing early on, the opportunity he saw and why it's not too late for other e-commerce marketers to get started.

We'll learn about Max's mindset and strategy when it comes to building and marketing to his Messenger list. Max also discussed how to leverage Messenger ads for retargeting without having to keep paying Facebook for your retargeting ads.

And finally we discussed the future of conversational commerce and why Max is so excited about the future.

To reach out to Max, please join his facebook group called Unicorn IQ to learn a variety of topics around digital marketing. Follow Max on Facebook and finally check out if you are interested in working with Max!

Thanks for Watching!

Special thanks to Maxwell Finn for joining us this week. Until next time!

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