How to Use Messenger Marketing For Your Course With Kajabi: The Chatbot Channel EP 4

Arri Bagah

The online course business is booming right now. There are thousands of entrepreneurs that have made millions of dollars selling courses online.

This business wouldn't be possible without a platform like Kajabi. Kajabi is a platform that allows you to create, market and monetize your online course.

I use Kajabi myself and I can't tell you how easy and simple it is to get a lead funnel or course started.

I recently spoke at the biggest Messenger marketing conference in the world called Conversations Conference where I met Joe Henschel who is the VP of marketing at Kajabi.

Joe is one of the few people that are leveraging Facebook Messenger bots for courses. Joe told me all the awesome things they are doing with Facebook Messenger chatbots at Kajabi so I said, Joe we need to have you on the show.

This is a special episode because Joe was nice enough to invite me to their amazing HQ in Orange County where I got to meet their team and got to see their passion for the work that they do!

We then went into their amazing studio to record this episode where Joe dropped insane amount of value about Facebook Messenger bots for courses.

In this episode, Joe shared:

  • Why he believes Messenger marketing is the channel you should be looking at right now
  • The easiest and fastest way to get your Messenger bot up and running
  • What the future of marketing looks like

If you're looking for an easy and almost automated way to set up a lead funnel, webinar funnel, course funnel and more I recommend to get your free trial at Kajabi today.

They have a great selection of pre-built funnels that also come with the emails campaigns that should go along with each funnel. You have no excuse to get your funnel up and running today so click here get started now.

Thanks for Watching!

Special thanks to Joe Henschel for joining us this week. Until next time!

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