How to Generate 10,085 Subscribers With the Facebook Comment to Messenger Strategy

Arri Bagah

Everyone and their mother are now running Facebook Messenger Ads.

What’s the Messenger hype all about? Let me explain.

As we all know, Messenger is owned by Facebook and Facebook has allowed businesses to leverage Messenger to communicate with their current and potential customers.

So just like you can hop on Messenger to communicate with friends, family and coworkers, you can use Messenger to communicate with businesses.

Facebook Messenger for business

That means businesses now have access to Messenger’s 1.4 billion monthly active users to market to.

Facebook Messenger Monthly Active Users
Messaging apps monthly active users in millions. Data by Statista.

How did Messenger get to that 1.4billion mark?

Well, if you are just using Facebook to chat with friends and family, facebook always prompts you to open the conversation inside Messenger.

For a while, before Messenger got so big, every message on Facebook had a view on Messenger button right under it. It was kind of annoying to be honest.

But that strategy helped Facebook build one of the most powerful communication channels in the world.

Because of how active the user base is, businesses using Messenger are seeing crazy results. Businesses are averaging 80% Open Rates, and 20% Click-Through Rates when they broadcast to their Messenger list.

Before you can broadcast to your list, you need to build one. That’s where the Comment-To-Messenger tool comes in.

The Comment-To-Messenger tool is one of the fastest and cheapest ways for businesses to grow their Messenger list and I am going to tell you everything you need to know about it, how to set it up and how to get results fast.

What’s the best way to use the Comment-To-Messenger Tool?

Now before we get started it’s important that we know what the rules are for this tool. Plenty of marketers have gotten their Messenger accounts suspended because of the misuse and abuse of this tool.

According to Facebook, the Comment-To-Messenger tool is intended for customer service and customer satisfaction only. The purpose of the tool is to ask questions and let users know you’ll be messaging them about their reply when they reply in the comment section.

That means:

1.You can use it to build an audience around a product

From a Facebook comment, a Facebook user can turn into a subscriber on your Messenger list. Let’s say that you have a product coming out, you can ask users to give their opinion about the product.

When users comment, you can acquire them as subscribers that you can reach out to later about that product.

You can ask for product feedback, product preferences, and more to collect a list of potential buyers that are certainly interested in your product because they have engaged with your posts.

2. You can use it to tackle customer service issues

This tool is also great for taking care of issues that customers might have. Let’s say that there’s a recall for your product, you make a post asking everyone that has ordered that product to comment.

Once they comment, your business page will follow up with them to give them instructions on how to return the product.

You can also refer them to a live chat operator once they comment to take care of them right away.

3. You can use it to improve your ad relevance score

Facebook is simple. The more engagement your ad gets, the higher the relevance score which means more reach and lower cost for the action that you are optimizing for.

This is why this is by far the cheapest way to acquire new subscribers. On average we have gotten comments for less than 15 cents/comment.

With the Comment-To-Messenger strategy, we often average a 9/10 relevancy score. As users comment, this lets the facebook algorithm know that the audience you are targeting is engaging with your ad therefore, more people in that audience should see it.

How does the Comment-To-Messenger tool work

Users leave a comment on your Facebook post. Users receive a message from your business page within seconds.

But once they get that initial message, they are not a subscriber yet. All you have to do is get them to respond back to get subscribed.

This is not only great to eliminate spam but also to keep your list full of those that are really interested in your product.

Facebook Comment To Messenger
Facebook Comment To Messenger

How to set the Comment-To-Messenger tool

One question we get all the time is, does the Comment-To-Messenger tool work for personal profiles or Facebook pages only? The answer is that it only works on Facebook pages.

What you’ll need:

  • A Facebook page: assuming don’t have one set up yet, find out how to do it here
  • A facebook ads manager or business manager: This is required to run ads
  • A ManyChat account: the world’s leading Messenger marketing platform to set up the chatbot

Step 1: Create a Facebook post to get users to comment:

The best way to get users to comment:

  • Come up with creative ideas that will get your target audience to engage in a conversation. Don’t be afraid to be polarizing:
Example of Comment To Messenger Ad

  • Have pattern interrupts that get users to stop scrolling and look at your ad. Everything on Facebook is pretty much blue and white so bright colors like orange, peach and green stand out:
Example of Comment To Messenger Ad

Step 2: Copy the post ID inside business manager

Head over to your Facebook Business Manager, at the top left, click the burger menu, hover over “all tools” and look for “Page Posts”:

Facebook Page Posts Tab

From there, select published post since we have already published the post. Otherwise, if it’s an ad, select the ad post to open the list all your ads:

facebook Page Posts Tab

From here, click on the post you would like to connect to the bot and copy the post ID at the top left corner:

Facebook Post ID

Once you have your post ID, save it because we’ll need it in the next step.

Step 3: Create a ManyChat account to connect the bot to the Facebook post

Head over to ManyChat, sign up for a free account by connecting your personal Facebook account. A wizard will walk you through how to set up your account. Just make sure to connect the page in question to the ManyChat account.

Once you are all signed up, you should on the ManyChat Dashboard that looks like this:

ManyChat Dashboard

From the dashboard click on “Growth Tools”, then “+ New Growth Tool”:

ManyChat Growth Tools

Then choose the Facebook Comments:

Facebook Comments Growth Tool

Now you want to click “select A post” to attach your facebook post to the bot.

Facebook Comments Growth Tool

If you have the correct page connected to ManyChat, it should pull in all the published Facebook posts from that page. You can now select that post or paste in the post ID.

From my experience, selecting a post has given me a few bugs, that’s why I recommend to use the post ID then click select:

At this point, your post should be connected but you are not done yet. Check the box right under the post to confirm that the post is explicitly letting users know that you’ll message them once they comment:

Right before you click next, you have a few options:

  • When user leaves a comment, send message after: Leave that to “Immediately”.
  • Exclude comments with these keywords: This allows you to not message those who comment certain keywords. This is a great place to put cuss words.
  • Only trigger for comments with these keywords: This allows you to trigger messages only on comments that includes certain keywords. Going back to our example earlier, we can put in keywords such as shirt, and sweatshirt to only respond to comments that have these keywords. Only problem is that people always misspell words so I usually leave this blank.

Then click next to Auto-response. This is where you customize the message that goes out to your subscribers when they comment. What I like to do is thank them for commenting and then ask them to reply back to get what I promised to send them back in the post

I like to tell them to reply a keyword so they don’t have to think much about what to reply with:

Facebook Comments Growth Tool

Then click save and move on to Opt-In Actions. Here you have 3 options:

  • Don’t send the opt-in message: This means that when a user responds to your initial message, nothing happens.
  • Send to everyone who replies: This means that when a user responds, could be anything, the bot will go ahead and send them the next message.
  • Send only to users who reply with a keyword: If you’d like to send the next message only to those who reply with specific keywords, then use this option.

I recommend going with the “Send to everyone who replies” option because people always misspell words and you don’t want your bot not to respond because of that. That’d be a terrible customer experience.

Make sure to click “Save” then click “Edit” to customize the message that goes out once they reply back.

This part is not complicated, just deliver whatever it is that you promised to send them on the post that they commented on. Hit “publish and you have one more step to go.

ManyChat Comments Growth Tool

At the top left of your screen, click on the name of your comment tool, that should take you back to where you were. All you have to do now is set the widget to “Active” for it to work:

I recommend you go back to the post and test it out yourself to make sure it is working properly. If you are on the admin side of the Facebook page, make sure you are commenting with your personal Facebook account while testing otherwise, it will not work.

Great example of the Comment-To-Messenger tool being used

Giveaways are one of the best ways to grow your Messenger audience fast. When combined with the Comment-To-Messenger tool, you can achieve viral-like results.

People love free stuff so giving away free product is a great incentive to get people to comment on your post. Using the giveaway was how we were able to generate 10,085 subscribers from a single post.

In this campaign, we were giving away a free case of water every single day. We had users comment to get more information on how to win it. Once they comment, we also asked for their email address within the bot to collect email addresses.

This post led to over 33,000 reactions, 18,000 comments and 5,326 shares:

Facebook Comment To Messenger Ad

As you can see, giveaways with the Comment-To-Messenger tool can exponentially scale your subscriber growth.

How not to use the Comment-To-Messenger tool

Facebook has identified a new kind of spam: Engagement baiting.

If you ask your friends/fans/followers to react, comment, share, tag or vote on a post as a way to bump the post to the top of people's News Feed, you’ll actually have the opposite effect now, meaning, those types of posts will get demoted in the news feed.

“Engagement baiting” is a tactic used by Facebook publishers on both personal profiles and business pages to ‘game’ Facebook’s algorithms, which typically reward posts that get better engagement by showing them to more people.

Facebook has begun demoting individual posts in the news feed from people and pages that use engagement bait. For example:

Facebook Comment Baiting

So be careful when you use this tool otherwise you may risk losing your reach on Facebook.


As we learned today, the Comment-To-Messenger strategy can be a very powerful tool you can use to grow a list of raving fans, build a relationship with them and sell to them in Messenger.

I know it can be tempting to not follow the exact rules that you must follow when using this tool but you may risk getting your page reach throttled or even worse, your Messenger account shut down. You have to play by the rules.

If you follow the setup process step by step, it should only take you no more than 15 mins to set this up.

Make sure to take the time to come up creative ways to get your target customers to engage with your brand like I showed you in the screenshots.

Make sure to also use pattern interrupts. Users on Facebook scroll really fast. It’s very important to have posts that stand out in the newsfeed to get their attention.

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