How Arjun Ohri Generated $100 Million For His Clients Using Chatbots: The Chatbot Channel EP 2

Arri Bagah

Chatbots have proven time and time again to be the most beneficial for e-commerce brands.

That is why we've invited my good friend Arjun Ohri, founder of ShopMessage on this new episode. Arjun has taken the game to the next level by using chatbots to generate over $100 million across his clients.

We are going to find out why Arjun is so passionate about Messenger Marketing, how he got started and why should get started as well.

We'll also discuss his platform called ShopMessage. If you are an e-commerce brand, ShopMessage is a must for you.

With ShopMessage, e-commerce brands can start conversations that build more valuable relationships with their customers and drive millions in extra revenue.

To reach out to Arjun, please follow this link to checkout his LinkedIn profile.

Thanks for Watching!

Special thanks to Arjun Ohri for joining us this week. Until next time!

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